Ad Canadian is a Performance Based Ad Network focusing on Canadian Advertisers, and Canadian traffic. With over 28 million Canadians currently online, we have a range of offers in various verticals that can cater to these users.

Why Sign Up?

  • Monetize Your Canadian Traffic
  • Large selection of Canadian Offers
  • Get paid in US dollars from a Canadian or US Bank (no waiting for checks to clear)
  • Tap into over 28 million Canadians online
  • Robust Detailed Reporting
  • On-Time payments
  • Instant IM, Phone and Email Support
  • Cookie and Cookie-less tracking

While we do focus on Canadian offers, if you are looking for any particular types of campaigns for US or International traffic, please let us know and we can add that for you.


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Monetize your Canadian traffic
  • Large selection of Canadian offers
  • Get paid per lead generated
  • High Payouts



Target the 28 million Canadians online (85% of the population)
  • No Set up Costs
  • CPA model - Pay only when a lead is generated
  • Will handle all CPA media distribution

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