Canada’s Fastest Growing Ad Network, Ad Canadian, is a Performance based Ad Network, dedicated to producing results for both advertisers and affiliates, on a CPA (Cost per Acquisition) basis.

Gone are the days when Advertisers have to rely on blind media buys with no measurable ROI. Ad Canadian allows advertisers to place ads on the network of sites within the Ad Canadian network, and only pay when a lead is generated.

Gone are the days when Affiliates have to rely on untargeted banner buys which offer a low CPM banner revenue stream, or getting paid an undisclosed percentage of the revenue upon the click of a CPC ad.

Ad Canadian’s Performance based targeted ads can provide a high revenue opportunity for your web inventory, as the advertiser is willing to pay more when an actual lead is generated where they can measure the Return on their investment.

Through it’s proprietary technology, tracking and testing abilities, and comprehensive campaign implementation and management capabilities, Ad Canadian prides itself on producing maximum results for their clients. Ad Canadian and it’s attentive staff work tirelessly to maximize profits for advertisers and affiliates.

Ad Canadian realizes that success as a leading Ad network can only be measured by the success of it’s affiliates and advertisers. Whether you’re an affiliate or advertiser, AdCanadian will produce the profitable results you are looking for.


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Monetize your Canadian traffic
  • Large selection of Canadian offers
  • Get paid per lead generated
  • High Payouts



Target the 28 million Canadians online (85% of the population)
  • No Set up Costs
  • CPA model - Pay only when a lead is generated
  • Will handle all CPA media distribution

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